I had got involved in intellectual property affairs for about 25 years in a pharmaceutical company after engaging in chemical or pharmaceutical research. This time, I have established a patent attorneys office in Kyoto, Japan to contribute to society broadly in various technical fields.

I would like to support the growth of your company in the light of the intellectual property management, capitalizing on my own experience in the intellectual property field, etc.

The intellectual property right has a strong power that a small entity can eat a big one. The right is an essential means for blocking entry of a follower company, avoidance of price battle, or for your maximum profit. Thus, it is a key of the growth of your company whether you can successfully combine the right with your business. In contrast, if another company has such a strong right, it may be important to avoid or revoke the right.

I would appreciate it if you would do some work with me for win-win business.

Thank you.

Patent Attorney / Principal